Retro Modern Bathroom

 photo Bathroom-Look_zps65250cac.jpg
While I haven't blogged about our renovations for a long time, plans are still ticking away in the background. A status update on all that is long overdue, but for now here is a little mood board I put together to show what we've decided on for the bathroom. We love the mustard mosaics for a feature strip. Grey floor tiles and then large white tiles on the rest of the walls. A recessed bath with a shower over to save room. We've been trying hard to jiggle the layout to fit two sinks, a toilet and a linen cupboard, but I think that the space is just too small & something's got to give. Would you give up a linen cupboard for an extra sink? I just don't think I'm prepared too. I've craving storage space in this small house of ours.