New TV Shows to Love

NBC released their new fall line up recently and there are a few shows I know I'm going to love, starting with:
 photo the-mysteries-of-Laura_zps20534951.jpg
The Mysteries of Laura - Debra Messing plays a soon to be divorced mom of two boys who is also a NYPD detective. The show revolves around how she juggles everything and looks to be really funny. Check out the trailer on youtube here
 photo bad-judge_zpsefe8adbf.jpg
Bad Judge - ok while this does look a tad cringe worthy, I think it might be big on the laughs. Kate Walsh plays a judge with a reputation for making up creative sentences and saying exactly what is on her mind. Check out the trailer on youtube here.
 photo state-of-affairs_zpsf115b5a6.jpg
State of Affairs - Katherine Heigl plays a CIA Analyst who is tasked with delivering the President's Daily Briefing. The show is billed as an 'edge of your seat thriller' & it's great to see another woman as President. Check out the trailer on youtube here.

I'll be sure to review each show after they've aired come September.