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 photo Hospital-paintings_zps2b0d456f.jpg
Paintings at the Alice Springs Hospital
I came across these brightly painted poles on our journey to drop off Lulu's poo sample ('my poo test') at Pathology yesterday. Pathology is located so far from the main entrance that you almost need to pack a cut lunch for your journey there. And if you do pack a lunch you will be pleasantly surprised by the lovely gardens hidden back there and these brightly coloured poles. What a wonderful way of cheering up what might be just another institutionalised area!

And catching my eye on the inter webs this week:

I've lived in the Territory for over a decade and I have never been to Rainbow Valley. This guide by Travel Outback Australia is fantastic & I most certainly have to get there one weekend soon!

A discussion with a friend about the differences I'd noticed between myself and a male college lead to me purchasing Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead by Sheryl Sandburg. It has started to change the way I interact at work. I also came across this article - The Confidence Gap by Katty Kay and Claire Shipman, which has similar themes. It's about having the confidence to back up your ability. Most women won't go apply for promotions until they are certain that they can do the job 100% but men will go for the promotion when their ability is at 60% but they are confident that they can do the job. The research Kay and Shipmen refer to in the article is eye opening and it has made me more mindful of how I interact at work.

Something else that has also inspired me to go after my goals is this Keynote Address by Joy Cho at Blogtacular. In the address Cho talks about how EVERY collaboration (she most recently had a collection released at Target in the States) she has done she has gone after herself. She has approached the company, they haven't approached her. It is so easy to look at high profile, successful people & think that everything must have been handed to them & you know what, most of the times it isn't the case, it's hard work & going after what you want that leads to success.