Link Love

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This week seems to have gone forever. My parents ended up staying for an extra night, which may have added to the feeling that the week had just gone on & on. Lulu & I have been up early with my dad watching the football semi finals, also adding to long, long days. But at last the week is over and Nick has returned to us safe & sound! Hooray.

On a side note, my cactus had these growths on it and when I moved the pot one fell off! Turns out I had propagated my cacti. You can remove the growths from the mother plant, so I replanted them and when Lulu spotted them she called them babies. Baby sisters to be precise. Adorable.

Catching my eye on the interwebs this week:
Over on The Glow, is your smart phone affecting your health?

Elizabeth Morrow's (from  Delightfully Tacky) dark hued home is a refreshing change from the Scandinavian inspired white homes filling pinterest.

Out of these three orange lipsticks on A Cup of Jo I'd choose the Mac Costa Chic - it looks like a great every day colour, but I also have to say that the lipsticks look more pinky red to me than orange, what do you think?