Link Love

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It's a long weekend in Alice Springs this weekend, with a public holiday yesterday for the Show. A long weekend presents lots of options for getting stuff done. The very long to do list at our place includes sorting out cupboards, cleaning, washing and gardening. My parents are still in town and today we're about to dive into a little gardening. Here's to getting stuff done!

A few things catching my eye on the interwebs this week include:

Timber and Steel list their pick of the top ten albums and Eps from the fist half of 2014 - this blog is my go to place for great new music!

Yahoo has picked up Community for a 6th season - I am a fan, but I agree with the journalist, sometimes it's right to let a show 'die off'. Not every show needs to be flogged to death. All good things have to come to an end so that they can remain good. There is only so many story lines that can eventuate from a community college, and let's face it, the story lines have been waning for sometime. Eventually these characters need to graduate and move on.

How awesome is this tree house bunk bed?