Hello Ladies

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Hello Ladies is a tv show based on the stand-up comedy of Steven Merchant, of The Office (English version) fame. It revolves around an Englishman looking for love in LA. Its funny, in a cringe way, similar to the English Office in that you often feel like you shouldn't be laughing, yet here you are.

In Hello Ladies we once again have a fairly unlikeable character, someone who you wonder why his friends hang around. The character is Stuart Pritchard. He's self centred, lies, is stingy ('gas money please'), yet he has two loyal friends  Wade & Jessica. Wade is recently separated from his wife of 11 years and Jessica rents a granny flat at Stuart's house.

As you continue through the first episode you find that Stuart does have a few redeemable traits that actually leave you feeling a little sorry for him and you have to love a tv show that ends with the song 'when the night closes in'. Unfortunately HBO has cancelled Hello Ladies, but the first series is worth catching and there is talk of a series wrap up special.