Frockin' Up: Date Night

 photo date-night_zps0492fdb8.jpg

Nick & I had our first date night since he's come back from Canada & guess were we went? To a kitchen expo, well, more like the local kitchen shop drove a giant bus up to Alice Springs with all the latest kitchen cabinetry inside. Talk about being grown ups now! We did tack on an early dinner at Epilogue & met some lovely Spanish tourists who said the patatas bravas at Epilogue tasted exactly like the ones in Spain!

Here's what I wore. I actually wore it all day at work, stopped home briefly for a spray deodorant refresher and some lipstick and snapped these photos before heading off to pick up Nick from work. Nick's mum kindly babysat our Lulu.

Dress - Gorman
Jacket - Bardot
Bracelet - Dinosaur Designs
Ring - Black Jewl

Do you & your partner go on date nights often? Do you combine them with super practical things like Kitchen expos? With planning this renovation, every moment helps, but let's hope the next date night is just that, a date night!

 photo date-night-1_zps567567b7.jpg