So this happened last Thursday, I have run over 100km since I started using the Nike Running App in late January - that's over 100km in under 6 months. Yes I am bragging here, but you do have to understand that I was never one for this exercise shebang. I am, after all, the girl in the pjs.

I started running in August 2009 using the couch to 5km program. I reached the end of that program once and then went back to doing 1 or 2 minute interval runs for 30mins getting a maximum 3km at most. So for me to have reached a time where I can now do at least one 5km run a week is pretty good. I do find that the first 3km need to be walk 30s / run for 2min intervals and then I can do the last 2km straight running.

Here's to making the next 100km in only 20 runs or less!
 photo 100km_zps165c6090.jpg