True Detective

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As I mention in the Fargo post, sometimes there are shows that grip you from the beginning that you just have to watch and sometimes there are shows that you probably don't have to see again, even if they were really good, they just don't have that certain something that makes you want to keep watching. For me, True Detective was one of those shows. I hadn't heard much about the plot before hand and I found myself a little lost with the storytelling aspect of the show. It cuts back and forth between present and past, but by the end of the episode I still wasn't quite sure what the main direction of the show is. After a little research I've found that the plot does just follow two detectives as they work to solve a ritual killing, cutting back and forth to the present day in which other detectives are trying to work out why similar killings are occurring again when the killer had been caught years ago.

The Guardian described the show as 'deeply unsettling', and I'd say I'd have to echo that. The setting is bleak and the murder the lead characters (played by superbly by Woody Harrelson and an almost unrecognisable Matthew McConaughey) are investigating is disturbing. The interviews with both detectives are bleak and their back stories aren't great. So what I'm saying here is this is not your warm fuzzy murder mystery. And I think I lean more toward the warm and fuzzy. If you like bleak and unsettling then this is certainly the show for you.