Sheds, flowers and mess

 photo the-shed_zps088c0d0e.jpg
Our new shed! No more bike stuff in the house (Lulu's bike is exempt of course!)
 photo bedroom_zps4b7a18bb.jpg
Nick may not be the only messy one, seeing as he has been away for a week now!
 photo town_zps50643f7d.jpg
Our town
 photo juice_zpse7e9143e.jpg
Much needed juice from Lulu's Grandma's trees
 photo flowers-2_zps995b9d82.jpg
Flowers from our garden
I'm feeling better but still not 100%. Just a sore throat/stuffy nose thing, but boy it has knocked me around. Saturday I wasn't feeling up to going out anywhere but my Dad & I managed to do a few things around the garden. More to come on that one. The rest of the weekend was spent fairly low key, with a quick trip to the markets on Sunday morning, lunch with a friend & afternoon tea at Lulu's grandma's. This week I head to Darwin for the week with work and when I return we don't have any there trips planned until Christmas. I'm looking forward to slowing down a little & maybe we can get this renovation kick started too?! I hope you had a fabulous weekend.