Parks and Rec Season 6

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I have to admit that I haven't been a big fan of Parks and Rec since the city of Pawnee merged with the city of Eagleton. Some of the newer characters just aren't that as endearing as the older characters and the story lines have waned a little bit. But I pushed through and was surprised to find that by episode 16/17 the show had found it's feet again. It seems as though the departure of Chris and Ann left a little hole that the writers struggled to fill with the merger characters, before finally realising that they could just give better story lines to the main characters and everyone would be quite happy with that. It's been great to see a little bit more of Donna, Andy and Ron in the last few episodes of this season. Never has more truer words have been spoken than this - 'There is no quiet, there is only Doc McStuffins' See clip below. You could also insert Peppa Pig for Doc McStuffins.

The season 6 finale left me wondering if maybe the writers thought the show would not be renewed for another season? Every character's story seems to wrap up neatly and you're left wondering where on earth season 7 can really go. It's almost as if it doesn't need one. But after the excellent end to season 6 I'll be watching agin next season for sure.

Photo from NBC