Link Love

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Kermit spotted in down town Alice Springs this week
This week seems to have propelled forward and with the blink of an eye it was gone. This weekend is already shaping up to be a big one with the Finke Desert Race on. As you may know, I'm not a huge fan of camping so we won't be heading down the track this weekend, but if you are out and about at the Start/Finish line, say hi!

Catching my eye on the internets this week:

Lego is bringing out a female scientist series in August based on a suggestion from Dr Ellen Kooijman, a geochemist. Did you know there is a site where you can submit ideas to Lego and people can vote on it. When the idea has 10000 votes it goes into a review phase where the concept is tested and then it may be produced. How cool!

DIY Binoculars for your Toddler on The Play Room - Emily has so many cool, cheap toddler activities - you can check out more here.

And how cute is this store called Big Dreams, featured over on The Petite Edit?!