Frockin' Up - Bright pants

I am really lucky with my work in that you can just wear jeans and a t-shirt if you want to, especially considering you never know when you may get called out to look at a site that may or may not involve climbing a hill. But now that there are plenty of others on staff to be first to get called out, I do try to dress up a little bit and some days just call for bright pants rather than plain old black jeans!
 photo bright-pants_zpsc9eb0770.jpg
Pants - Marcs
Top - Sportsgirl
Scarf - Witchery
Shoes - Jo Mercer
Bracelet - Dinosaur Designs
Ring - Black Jewl

What's it like at your workplace? Are you required to wear power suits or uniforms or do you get to go casual? Sometimes I secretly wish that we could wear a uniform. Takes all the 'what do I wear' decision making out of your early morning.