Exercise Stats Week 23

 photo Todd-River_zps49d42ad5.jpg
View down the Todd River on my Saturday morning run
I took it very easy this week, exercise wise. I don't know about you, but every few months or so my body goes into meltdown mode & I spend a day throwing up and sleeping and then I'm all good again. That happened last Saturday and thank goodness my Mum was in town to help out with miss Lulu while Nick was at work. After that happened on Saturday, I've kept it fairly simple with workouts this week. Yoga & stretching in the morning before work, Lulu is even getting involved now & it is super cute! I do have to admit that now that it isn't light until almost 7 & getting cooler, I find it incredibly hard to get out of bed at 6, especially if Lulu isn't up yet. Yesterday I went for a run at 7, managing 3km in the half an hour I had allotted. Sometimes it doesn't have to be much, you just have to get out there.