Dirt, Cars & Bikes

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We woke up early Sunday morning and head out to the Finke Desert Race Start/Finish line to see the cars leave for their 250km race to Finke. In the past Nick has filmed and produced documentaries about the Finke race for our local TV station Imparja and so this was the first time that I had watched the race with him. Nick has quite a long history with the Finke race, his parents business used to be the major sponsor & Nick was once the youngest ever competitor to race Finke, while that year his dad was the oldest! So it was great to share the race with him & Lulu. Lulu loved running around in the dirt & tried to make new friends with any kids she came across.

We headed back out to the track at 12 to see the bikes leave. As much as I like the cars, the bikes are a little more interesting to watch leave, needing a little more skill to manoeuvre corners and break from the pack. Unfortunately two riders won't be making it out to Finke, crashing spectacularly in front of us. Poor guys.
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The wind and the cold got a bit much for us and we didn't head back out to watch them return today.

And yes, after many weeks of being toilet trained, Lulu has had a little relapse and is back in nappies for a little while. The daycare staff says this happens a lot and sorts itself out. Fingers crossed.

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