Comfort TV

I'd love to know what your go to comfort tv is. Mine used to be Grey's Anatomy but then this happened and I don't watch it anymore. Bones is up there for comfort tv, but my absolute go to it British crime dramas. There is just something so comforting about them. Weird I know, to have crime dramas be comforting. But we used to watch them each weekend as a family when I was a teenager and I guess they bring back fond memories of that time.
 photo midsomer_zps5b50c2fe.jpgThe most comforting of all (and I'm sure I'll lose some followers on this one) is Midsomer Murders. There is always one waiting to be played on iView. It's beige and inoffensive, when taking about the blood and gore, not if you count the lack of diversification on the show, then it is sexist and completely ignores multicultural Britian, but I digress. It just has that comfortable British crime drama feeling too it. The 'witty' banter, not everyone gets along, the small town gossip, the theme music. Ah, am off to watch it now.