Toilet Training and Sunrises

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While we were in Apollo Bay we were treated to a number of beautiful sunrises. Not by choice, as normally when I am on holidays I prefer to sleep in, but on this holiday Lulu had other plans. We didn't have a cot for her so she slept on a mattress on the floor & as it is so cold overnight, we had her sleep in our room. This, however, meant that she was up numerous times in the night, refusing to pee in her nappy & wanting to pee on the potty. To her credit she did pee each time but it sure gets tiring getting her out of the sleepy sack, nappy & pjs two or three times a night. In addition to that, most days she woke just after 5am each day to do a big poo and refused to go back to sleep. Hence the beautiful sunrise shots and hey, at least she is getting the hang of this toilet training business.

Aside from the potty trips, we were surprised at how easy it was to get Lulu to go to sleep in a 'big girl bed' and she has gone back to sleeping in her cot here at home without a fuss. The early starts have put us off transitioning her to a big girl bed at home and the other reason we haven't gone for it is that each night at the Bay we'd find her sleeping on the floor next to the mattress in all sorts of positions. If we take the sides off the cot, she'll fall a fair way. I know that eventually the body learns where the edges are but I'm just not ready for her to learn the hard way yet.

Happy Mother's Day xx

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