Splash: Day 2

Splash Day 2 started out with Living Mindfully, presented by Kate James. It drew our attention to our strengths & things we needed to work on, while also reminding us of our values and linking our goals into our values. Unfortunately I don't have any photos of that workshop.

Next up was Flower Bombing with Holly Hipwell from The Flower Drum. This class was a lot of fun. You really can't go wrong with pretty flowers.
 photo The-Flower-Drum_zps81eeb1da.jpg
 photo The-flower-drum-2_zpsccf0aa57.jpg
In late afternoon we headed up to Harvest Cafe for Turning tricks with the Cool Edies. This workshop was a crafter noon, with the Cool Edies showing us how to weave a bit of styling magic. I have to admit that none of my craft projects turned out anything like theirs and they may have found their way into a bin on the way back to the hotel!
 photo The-Cool-Edies_zpsc4c5492c.jpg
Splash finished up with a great talk from The Blog Society on finding your tribe, with a timely reminder to just be nice to everyone. Everyone is someone. Just be nice.

The evening included an instagram meet up, but that didn't work out as well as planned as most people didn't have mobile phone reception. It was fun pulling out pen and paper to grab people's instagram names!
 photo The-Blog-Society_zpsee6940dc.jpg photo The-Blog-Society2_zps09691670.jpg
Please excuse the low quality of photos on day two as the battery in my camera died just before lunchtime!

Splash was a whole lot of fun. A chance to re-boot the creative drive and meet a bunch of new people, all with great ideas and cool stories. Thanks so much to Nikki from Paper Runway for organising Splash.