Exercise Stats - Week 21

 photo byron-bay_zps7143b7f6.jpg
Byron Bay Beach Run
 photo Sydney_zps9b052438.jpg
Sydney CBD Wednesday night run
I haven't posted an Exercise Stats update for a while, but I have been running quite regularly and I've been surprised at my progress. In the last few weeks I have started running an average of 4km each run. I do intervals of 1min walking 3mins 30sec running x 6 for the first 3km and then if I just keep running after that, I actually feel better than I did in the first few intervals. That is my tip to you. Go easy on yourself for the first few intervals, ease into it & you'll be able to go the distance.

Friday in Byron Bay I was under time constraints, plus it started raining on me & to be honest if it had been spitting when I woke up I probably wouldn't have ventured out, but luckily it wasn't and I ventured out for a beach run. Though it looks on the map like I was running in the water, I can assure you I was not. It did start raining quite heavily as I reached the 3km mark and that may have helped my fastest time a little.
 photo Byron-Bay_zps81082698.jpg
Byron Bay Beach Run