Doll and Em

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After watching the first episode of Doll and Em I decided that it wasn't the show for me. It was too disappointing to find that Emily Mortimer is a bit of a bitch (well this 'character' of herself in this show is anyway) and so mean to Doll that I thought I couldn't bear to watch it anymore. But I'd already downloaded more episodes and had a few on my iPad on the plane to Sydney (which had no tv screens!). So I persevered and am glad I did.

Doll begins to come out of her 'just tread all over me' shell and starts to shine and Em just doesn't quite know how to handle it. The show oscillates between Doll being jealous of Em and Em being jealous of Doll. One minute Doll is getting all the attention, then it's Em with the attention and Doll feels left out. I guess what I didn't like from the first episode was that there was no clear sense of why these two were even friends in the first place, but that comes out a little more in the next two episodes, making the show much more enjoyable to watch. It's still not exactly one of my favourites, but great for watching on a plane.

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