Weekend Adventures

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This weekend I had a bit of a break. I went out Friday night with the girls for dinner. A whole lot of cocktails and champagne later, and I felt like I had been rejuvenated, just a little bit. It was lovely just having a small period of time for me.

Saturday morning I was feeling a little tender, but Lulu had asked to have her friend over so he and his little brother came to play for a while. They all played rather nicely and when they left it was time for Lulu's nap. Instead of blogging while Lulu napped, I watched an episode of Bones and it really was just nice taking that mental break. Nick bought me home some lunch when he finished work and then after that I had a 3 hour nap! Incredibly indulgent. Nick went out to a friends for a little bit that night and then bought home pizza which we had while watching the movie Filth. That was quite the crazy movie. The Guardian called it 'A film so shocking it almost didn't get released'. Apple TV billed it as a comedy. It wasn't really a comedy, not in the way that Anchorman 2 is a comedy (we had wanted to watch that but it hasn't been released yet). Anyway if you like your comedies a little shocking, crazy and dark, then Filth is the film for you.

Sunday Nick hooked up Lulu's bike seat to his bike & we all went for a ride together. Lulu loved it, but Nick found the seat fairly uncomfortable to ride with, we won't be recommending it to anyone. Sunday afternoon it rained and then Sunday night we had a dinner for Nick's work to go to in which we all stayed up a little too late & now feel like we need another weekend! The next one can't come too soon x