Toddler Dinner Battles

 photo pantry_zpsad60fe42.jpg
I made Lulu dinner, green beans blanched a little softer than I'd like with fetta and dressing of natural yoghurt, flaxseed and lemon juice. I added a few pieces of ham to the bowel and announced that dinner was ready. Lulu came running into the room up to her new table, took one bite and said 'yuck' and spat the bite out. By this stage I was putting away dishes and wasn't quite sure what I heard. She had never said 'yuck' before. I explained that she should eat her dinner, I had a bite of beans and said 'yum' and then when I couldn't convince her to have any beans I offered her a bite of just the meat and cheese. She took it in her mouth and then spat it out saying 'yuck' again. THEN she picked up her bowl and said 'away', 'away' as she walked to the pantry and tried to shut her food into it!

I have to admit I was trying not to laugh. Maybe the dinner was a bit rich? She likes all of those things separately, well, I've never tried flaxseed oil with her before or beans, but the rest she has had. In fact this morning she was running around sucking half a lemon. What do you do when your two year old won't eat dinner? When she was younger we just gave her something else because we knew she must be hungry and we could choose that something else. I kind of don't what to that now she's bigger as she'll just learn that she can refuse what I give her and then insist on something else. This time, after checking with her Grandma that Lulu hadn't just eaten something at her place before I picked her up (she hadn't), Lulu ended up having a piece of plain bread. The bread was of her choosing (she'd tried to get the bag open while I was on the phone to her Grandma) but it wasn't the icy pole she had wanted or her special cheese (Babybel).

To top the night off, Nick came home from mountain biking with this....
 photo Nick-cut_zpsca16fdc6.jpg
A few stitches later and he's all better. Hopefully he won't bleed all over the white sheets..... and thank goodness it wasn't worse, as he was riding alone today!