Rain in the Alice

 photo Rainbow_zpseadff500.jpg photo Double-Rainbow_zps1d350c75.jpg
Last week something very unusual for this desert place happened, it rained! And it didn't just drizzle a little and go away, it kept raining - for FOUR days. It rained the same amount as the total amount for last year. A giant puddle formed outside my office and at one point the bottom of the car wheel rims were underwater. It was fairly exciting. I have always secretly wanted to see the Todd River break its banks (not far enough for anyones house to be damaged, just up to the sidewalks. No luck yet. By Wednesday night the river was flowing, but not even bank to bank, just one channel. The thing about the river flowing is that it doesn't matter how much it rains in town, it needs to rain in the river catchment areas. Sometimes it will flow when we've had hardly any rain in town and other times it won't flow at all and we had plenty of rain. So that is the ins and outs of our usually dry river.
 photo Bath-Street-Alice-Springs_zps047db24f.jpg
Wednesday night a giant double rainbow spanned the eastern side of our town, looking quite spectacular and we just happened to drive down the road where the river was crossing the causeway. We had to stop and take Lulu down to see it. She, of course like any other kid, wanted to dive right in & Nick managed to wrangle her back. It really is such a special time in town when it rains. Everything gets washed clean and the whole town feels fresh again.
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