Link love

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It's the weekend and as I write this, there is no Lulu off to the side watching Peppa Pig. She was picked up early this morning for a fun adventure morning with her god mother! I am enjoying the quiet and the cool weather. It (though this may come back to bite me later) has finally cooled down here. We had a few days of rain, though not the floods we were warned about, but still a significant amount of rain, more rain than we had in all of last year! I'll share a few photos of the rain next week.

For now, here are a few links for the weekend:

Why did no one tell me there is a blog of all the clothes Mindy wears on the Mindy Project called Mindy Project Style? It's my new favourite not so guilty pleasure blog! And I am so glad that this show has returned. I love it.

There is a new series based on the movie Fargo (one of my favourites) starring Billy Bob Thornton and Dr Watson, sorry Martin Freeman, called, you guessed it, Fargo 

10 Best New Bands of 2014 via Camilla Styles - it would be remiss of me to not tell you that I've had a Shakey Graves album for over a year now & love it.

If you're in Alice Springs & looking for a townhouse to rent, I have just the right one for you!

Happy Weekend xx