Exercise Stats Week 16

 photo Sunset-Telegraph-Station-Reserve_zpsd45bd64d.jpg
Sunset at the Telegraph Station Reserve
Sunday - 2.18km run pushing the pram with Lulu - 247 calorie burn

Monday - 3.15km run 254 calorie burn

Tuesday - rest day

Wednesday - 6km run (longest yet with my fastest 5km!) 430 calorie burn plus a walk home which added to a grand total of 503 calorie burn.

Thursday - rest day

Friday - bike ride with the family

I still can't believe I managed to smash out a 6km run! I am very impressed with myself and although I have felt like I'm not exercising enough, I must be because when I push myself I can get the results that I want. My advice is to not give up, but to also to give into those days where you do just need a break. It won't be the end of the world if you sleep in a bit and give it a go the next day when you feel more up to it. 
 photo River-crossing_zps55a10f7b.jpg
The Todd River still had water in it on Wednesday - an unexpected discovery entailing a river crossing during my run