Walking, nerds & parties

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The birthday girl taking a nerdy selfie
This weekend reminded us why we live here in Alice Springs. Friday night mexican feast at a friends' place that we walked to. Delicious. Saturday night 30th birthday with the theme 'Nerdy 30'. The party venue was close enough for us to walk to (getting tooted at because of our outfits!). I never knew there were so many baby sitters in Alice Springs, with about half the party needing a sitter, it was just so great for everyone to be able to let loose without having to worry about what their kid was getting up to (Thankyou Lulu's Grandma!). It feels like it's been far too long since we had a night out with friends where you could get through a whole sentence without being interrupted. Nick left at 1 to pick up Lulu, but I stayed out until 2:30am! Amazing. And if you are looking for a venue for a party, Piccolos is for hire & chef Mark Bizley creates the most tasty canapés. You can't go wrong. Plus it's fun watching everyone walking past Piccolos wishing they were at the party.

Sunday chill day & another 2nd  birthday party for Lulu to attend. This was the last of the mum's group bubs to turn 2 and the end of the birthday parties for a while. I think we'll miss our weekend party ritual. Nick made brownies in the afternoon as a thank you for his mum's wonderful babysitting and he & Lulu walked them over in the early evening before we bundled a tired Lulu into bed.

I do so love this town! Liveable, walkable & everyone just creates things to do. Thank you Alice Springs. The hot weather has finally broken and as I sit here writing this a cool breeze blows that comes from the outdoor rather than our aircon. This may be attributing to my good mood?! Hope your weekend was just as enjoyable xx