TV - The Thick of It

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We recently got stuck into The Thick of It. The Thick of It is a dark political comedy. The show focuses on a government minister, the minister's advisors and the party's director of communication. The Department of Social Affairs and Citizenship, remains the same each season but (as with real politics) the minister changes. None of the characters seem to know how to do their jobs properly & it makes you wonder how anything in government is accomplished.

If you aren't partial to a little swearing, then this show is not for you. The bollockings the advisors and the ministers get from the Director of Communication, Malcolm, I wouldn't blame them if they all ended up as basket cases, out on stress leave and suing the government. But it does make for relaxing viewing to see someone else getting torn to shreds at the end of your busy day. If you're into that sort of thing. This maybe why watching people get eaten by lions was popular in Roman times?!

Anyway, warm and fuzzy this show is not. Excellently executed black comedy it is. The series creator, Armando Iannucci also created Veep, which leans a little more to the warm and fuzzy end of the spectrum.

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