Shopping, running and photos

 photo Lulu-mall_zpsa883b408.jpg
Running through the Todd Mall
 photo Kmart_zpsc9931365.jpg
Escaping the change room at Kmart
Nick was off work this weekend so I went for a 'late morning' (7:30) trail run though the Telegraph Station. I ended up running the furthest distance to date! Then for the first time in as long a I can remember, I left Lulu and Nick at home and met a friend at Target for their one day only sale. I picked up two very cool new sports bras and some gum boots for Lulu to jump in muddy puddles.

Saturday night we spent at home, making pizza and watching Rush. If you haven't seen it, do. Not only is the cinematography stunning, but it's based on a true story, which always gets me hooked.

Sunday Nick hit the mountain biking trails while Lulu & I met a friend for brunch and a spot of Kmart shopping. Do you ever have those mornings where you just wander around the shops looking at everything? Well, in Alice Springs 'the shops' is a narrow term but Kmart suffices. In the afternoon I archived photos (by year, month and event) on to a new hard drive and then started putting together our 2013 photo album and in the evening we had a lovely dinner at my mother-in-laws. We could not get Lulu to go to sleep while we were there. She'll go to sleep at Grandma's if we aren't there, but if we're there, all she wants to do is hang out with us. Any tips on getting your kid to sleep when you are out would be much appreciated. We had stories, her teddy, her sleepy sack, her bottle and she was so tired. Nothing seemed to help. I am very envious of anyone who can get their kid to sleep when they are out. Please share your tips!
 photo telegraph-station-trail-run_zps3d94ba5d.jpg
Jogging through the Telegraph Station Reserve