Loco Burrito

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We are all aware of just how much I love Mexican food, aren't we? In particular, tex-mex, I love pretty much everything about Mexican food and could eat it every night of the week. Well, the good news is that the wave of Mexican inspired restaurants/take-aways that hit the big cities (Melbourne in particular) a few years ago has finally made it to Alice Springs. We have Epilogue Lounge, a Mexican/Spanish inspired restaurant and we now have Loco Burrito, a Mexican take away. We tried Loco Burrito for the first time last night and I have to say it was a win.

Great tortillas, stringy beef, a no beans option (yes I am the only person in the world who likes tex-mex but hates the beans, ooh and the corn!). The hot sauce was lacking in hotness and the stringy beef could have had a little more flavour, but I'm still giving this a big thumbs up. Next time I'll just order jalapeños as well.  [2015 UPDATE - HOTSAUCE HAS REQUIRED HEAT!!]

The interior design is way too modern for an Alice Springs take away, which is NOT a bad thing at all. I love how it looks! When you order, you fill out the menus yourself with textas. The textas kept Lulu occupied while we waited for the food. There isn't a kids serving, so we ordered Lulu some corn on the cob and figured Nick could have it if she didn't like it. Once the food was ready we headed over to the council lawns for a picnic under the stars. Delightful!
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Loco Burrito - 10/74 Todd Street Alice Springs