Link Love

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Couldn't resist one more water shot from last weekend, this time it's Coffin Bay
This week has been all about catching up. Being so sick before we went away, on the back of being away for a week with work, means that meant that I didn't get the house clean before we left, the washing is piled up, the fridge empty and I can't remember the last time we changed the sheets. One of these things has been rectified but there is still a fair way to go. This weekend will be all about washing. Let's hope it isn't raining!

Catching my eye on the interwebs:

Keri Russell on the art of eating, afternoon wine & bad music - I'm all for afternoon wine & don't you just love Keri Russell?!

Proposed makeovers to the ghost stations of Paris

Formula fed kids do just fine

Handy tips for keeping the playroom clean - we don't have a playroom, but these tips translate pretty well to the rest of the house!

Have a wonderful weekend xx