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Spots and Shells
A few more medical surprises during the week in that Lulu missed out on a visit with the Adelaide Children's Hospital Respiratory team in February because the hospital paperwork was not filed correctly. Last year the February clinic wasn't held until April so I hadn't followed up on it until now. May is the next clinic and I have been assured she will be on the list but I will be calling at the beginning of April to double check. We had a positive 'wellness' visit with a GP who will be in town longer than 6 months and who is familiarising herself with Lulu's case so that we don't have to convince a GP of her history the next time she is unwell. I feel really confident with this GP and am so glad we will have a constant doctor to oversee Lulu's condition.

Onto a much needed weekend and a few links to things I have been enjoying on the inter webs this week:

A call to Ban the word bossy on A Cup of Jo - "When a boy asserts himself, he's a leader. When a girl does, she's labelled 'bossy'". I was a bossy kid but was continually labelled it until I did find myself becoming more and more quiet.

21 hairstyles for when you don't want to wash your hair via Buzzfeed - I never want to wash my hair, it always seems like the biggest chore.

I'm looking forward to this new tv show - Doll and Em

And Tina Fey wore gum boots to NY Fashion Week - Love her!