Just a Minute in March

 photo muffin_zps4bca5437.jpg
reading..... Bridget Jones: Mad about the Boy - I started this when Lulu was in hospital but it was just too sad so I had to put it down and have only just picked it back up again. Am enjoying it this time, though it still is so sad.

watching.... Gravity - the first movie we've watched since making my new years resolutions. Not a great start, but we'll get there.

listening.... Jake Bugg

making.... Mixed Berry Choc Muffins using this recipe but with coconut oil instead of vegetable oil, a third of a cup of choc chips & two thirds of a cup of mixed berries instead of blueberries and a teaspoon of flaxseed, a teaspoon of wheatgerm, a teaspoon of LSA and a teaspoon of chia seeds. Yum.

trying..... to get up a little earlier each day. With Lulu not 100% this is a little harder than I would like.