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I love exfoliating, your face just feels so fresh and clean when you exfoliate. I love exfoliating so much that the last time I had a facial the beauty therapist told me to stop as it was drying out my skin too much. She suggested to only exfoliate once a week. Once a week? Agh, how will I ever cope with once a week?!

Exfoliating beads
While this may sound a little air headed, I never really thought about what the exfoliating beads are. Turns out a lot of companies use plastic micro beads in exfoliating scrubs and they are ending up in our waterways. Fish think the plastic micro beads are food and this causes a lot of problems for the fish. You should avoid any scrub that uses plastic micro beads. Read more about it here and thanks for the heads up Briana!

What to use instead?
I'm going to be ensuring my exfoliating scrub only uses natural products from now on. I have tried a few exfoliating scrub recipes by various bloggers that I found on Pinterest and the easiest and best one I've found is a pared down version of this scrub by Le Zoe Musings. I just mixed coconut oil and sugar (I found granulated sugar too coarse so used castor sugar the second time). Easy as! Our room temperature tends to mean that coconut oil remains in liquid form at all times.

Do you have a favourite recipe for a scrub? I am all up for trying out other recipes. If you do please leave a link to the recipe in the comments below.