Exercise Stats Week 13

 photo Spencer-Hill_zps1f87c944.jpg
Spencer Hill at Sunset
Monday - 2km walk to the park with Lulu plus about a million times up the stairs to the slide. 'Mummy's turn' Lulu would call out after each time she went down the slide.

Tuesday - Morning Yoga - Yoga poses for a flat stomach and Yoga poses for desk dwellers

Wednesday - Afternoon run. I'm going to guesstimate that I ran about 3km as the Nike running app paused when I took the photo above and I didn't know it had paused so I didn't restart it - 360 calorie burn.

Thursday - rest day

Friday - rest day

Saturday - 5.5km run through the Telegraph Station reserve. I had the best time. This is the furthest I have run in a very long time. I just used my interval program for the first half hour - 3:30mins running 1 min walking x 6 times, then I jogged for the last few kms straight. It seems that by the 4th interval I've only just warmed up so it becomes easier to continue than to set out from the beginning of the run to do 5kms. I struggle so much through the first few intervals warming up, but by the end I'm wishing it wasn't over & today I just kept running. So much fun.

I wasn't sure if I'd continue this series after week 12 as I hadn't been exercising all that often but in the last two weeks I've found the passion again and today I just wanted to record somewhere how well I did. I'm so proud of myself and being able to look back and see my achievements, or lack of in the case of the recent weeks, is motivating for me. I hope you find it motivating too. I always find it interesting to see what everyone else is up to, do you?