Photos of Darwin

 photo Darwin-1_zps39b7a578.jpg
Years and years ago I interviewed for an anthropologist job in our Darwin office and I have always been really, really happy that I was offered a job in the Alice Springs office instead as I wasn't particularly impressed with Darwin when I was there for the interview, nor in the times I've visited since. This last trip though has done a lot to change my mind. Darwin just looked so lush and green.

Much work has gone into improving the streetscape, mostly with plants, but also the quality of buildings that have recently gone up. The architecture is worth visiting for. A few great post-Tracy (the devastating Christmas Day 1974 cyclone) buildings stand, such as the cinema, along with a few pre-Tracy low houses plus all the new buildings make for an interesting streetscape. There was just so much to photograph on my morning runs (I managed two) along the esplanade, including a diversion past the outdoor cinema.

Due to work commitments (the reason for the trip) these runs were the only time I took photos so please excuse the iPhone in the humidity photos!
 photo Darwin-3_zpsfbb31b70.jpg photo Darwin-2_zps7dcc8bf9.jpg photo Darwin-4_zps387e7a8e.jpg