Link Love

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Let's not talk about how the roses dies OVERNIGHT because the temperature in our house was too high for them 
This first four day week at work went really well*. Lulu had a great time at daycare & my work has just gotten out of control busy, so being able to work an extra day is fantastic/verging on not even being enough! But now it's the weekend and time for a little link love:

First things first, I have a new about page.

Where my heart resides on how to support Bloggers you love via Diana

US Army Captain Kate del Castillo's Home Tour on The Every Girl. To be honest, I was more fascinated with the interview, Kate sounds like one incredible woman

This Lone Wolf post by Sara from Meanest Look about alt Summit completely sums up me in a conference environment. Making conversation really is hard! Y

Hope you have an awesome weekend x

*Read about my angst here