Favourite Posts

Over the weekend I did a little bit of digging through the archives and I thought I'd share a few of my favourite posts, I hope you like them too:
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On being parents:
A baby shower alternative - Pre-baby BBQ
A little bit of Discipline
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A typical weekend in Alice Springs and a non-typical weekend in Alice Springs
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Our winter in Revelstoke
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Our trip to Baalbek and more from Lebanon
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Guillian Barre Syndrome
Our experience managing toddler aspiration
Our tips for staying at the Adelaide Women's and Children's Hospital
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I love watching TV!
Read about my Tuesdays with Bones
My review of Veep and House of Cards
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And sometimes I like to frock up!
Read about my foray into online clothes shopping
See Lulu & I frockin' up
My first ever Frockin' up post