When Montessori Goes Wrong

 photo Lulu-washing2_zpsf0a78089.jpg
 photo rice-in-washing-machine_zps8f46c0b2.jpg photo Lulu-washing1_zps1ee39713.jpg
In 2012 I bought the book about Teaching Montessori in the Home, while we weren't going to be doing pre-school at home, I thought the activities in the book might be a good way to fill our day. Lulu's been a little too young for most of the activities, until now, so we thought we'd try one the other day when she pulled a bag of rice out of the cupboard to play with. The activity requires the toddler to pour rice between cups. We used the plastic one above and a metal milk jug. Lulu loved the activity, standing up on her stool at the kitchen counter while I finished off making cookies. That was all good.

Where it went wrong was when the washing machine finished. I pulled the washing out of the machine & left it in the washing basket while I went to grab a few hangers. I find that I don't need to iron some of my clothes if I hang them on coat hangers to dry. During the time I was getting the hangers, Lulu came down off her stool with her cup of rice and tipped it into the washing machine!

After telling her off, you really can't do anything else but laugh. She helped me clean out the rice by grabbing handful after tiny handful & putting it into her cup. I needed up getting the rest with the vacuum cleaner. The machine still works, thank goodness, and we learnt that Montessori at home should not happen unsupervised, even for a moment.

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