TV Shows to look forward to

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Turns out January is not the dead month for TV that it used to be. I remember as a teenager, just hanging out until the good shows returned in February. I guess the internet and iTuenes has changed all that, for the better. New episodes of Sherlock aired on January 1st, new (to me) episodes of Dalziel and Pascoe have been airing on the ABC and new episodes of Community have appeared as well. We've also been enjoying Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Parks and Recreation and it was great to see them both get Golden Globes recognition.

Before you know it it'll be February and I'm looking forward to season 2 of House of Cards (see the trailer on the Vine 'There is but one rule, hunt... or be hunted' sends shivers down my spine!). Then it's just a short wait until April for season 3 of Veep

HBO have announced that this coming season will be the last for Boardwalk Empire, but as it has taken us the past 4 years (has it really been that long since we watched it for the first time in Barcelona?) to watch the first two seasons (It is good, it's just we both haven't had much brain power for watching an hour long tv show during the new baby year), we'll have plenty of the show left to watch over the next year or so. Have you watched Boardwalk Empire? Do you like it? Are you sad to see it finish up?

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