Stills from a Birthday Week

 photo mess_zps380158b5.jpg photo baking-in-pjs_zps0b298153.jpg photo cupcake-wrapper-bunting_zps59ed996c.jpg photo birthday-run_zps82284d7c.jpg photo present_zpsde9dd574.jpg photo birthday-girl_zps1481ac1b.jpg
1. Mess that gathered while I baked.

2. Early birthday treat of cinnamon rolls. Lulu loves to help with the baking.

3. Birthday cupcake wrapper bunting - I will post a DIY- for my mexican fiesta dinner. That dinner was awesome, but seriously it took all afternoon to cook.

4. Birthday run - If you'd told me on my 24th birthday that I would be going for a run on 34th birthday I would have thought you were kidding. But the run made me feel great. Well worth it.

5. Lulu met me at the front door after my run with a present. A lovely way to be greeted.

6. Bathroom selfie at my birthday dinner. Dinner baby free thanks to my mother-in-law who baby sat. We hadn't been out to dinner just us in a very long time. But I think it might have been nice to celebrate with Lulu. She was just so excited about the whole birthday thing and she really wasn't happy to be left out at the end. We went out for dinner as a family a few nights later and that made up for it.

Are birthdays a big thing for you? We tend to make a fairly big deal of birthdays, with week long birthday events. It's great.

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