Scatter my ashes at Bergdorf's

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Bergdorf Goodman's 
Last week Nick was amazing and volunteered to look after Lulu for a whole night so I could have a night away from home. Not only that he actually encouraged me to take at leaf one night a week to have dinner with a friend or catch a movie, isn't he awesome? Anyway enough sucking up and I'll get back to the point of my post. When looking for a movie to watch while eating my pizza, I came across this little gem of a documentary, Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf's. Now, when given the night to myself, I normally gravitate towards a rom com or british murder mystery, but this doco just drew me, like an ant to honey. And I wasn't disappointed.

Well, the first 10 or so minutes was interviews with designers gushing about the store, but after that it delved into the good stuff. The windows! The apartment at the top! The shoe salon! The fur salon (Yoko once bought 80 coats on Christmas Eve!) The staff! - so many eccentrics who have worked there for years & years. I think it says so much about a business when staff have been around for so long. A good sales person there can be on between $400-500000 per year! If only I had a great sales technique...

It was the work behind the window installations that I loved the best. Visiting the artists studio and seeing just how much work goes into creating the installations. The guy in charge of the windows (ok, I know he has a fancy title, but I've forgotten it. Ok I looked it up, he's the Senior Director of Visual Presentation) said 'We, well I, want the windows to be perceived as hallucinations'. And the best shop windows are just that, a window that makes you take a second look and wonder 'did I see that correctly?'

Seriously, this movie just gave me warm fuzzy feelings all over, 5 stars.

PS Can't believe I am admitting this but I even bought an album from the guy who did the music, Pavlar Stelar, I loved this movie that much. How dangerous is watching a movie on your laptop where you have instant access to iTunes and Amazon afterwards?!