No photos

 photo room_zps8cf99372.jpg
I had one of those rare weekends where I didn't take any photos. Not one single photo. I found the above in my photo bucket so my apologies if you've seen it before. Back to the weekend that was....

We met with friends, had time at home, swam, relaxed. Teddy ended up in the wash during nap time (our poo explosions continue), which made for a heart breaking nap time, with poor Lulu running back and forth to the washing machine to see Teddy, before finally giving in and allowing me to put her back in the cot for her nap, where Bubby Te & Mr Monkey sufficed, but were not the same.

My other discovery (well, not discovery, more like realisation) for the weekend was that Lulu loves helping me out with what I would call boring jobs. Need to vacuum the floor? Awsome. Changing the sheets? oh let me help you with that. I used to leave the cleaning until she was a sleep, but not anymore. With my little helper in tow, we now have a very clean house. Clean, but not tidy. She still pretends she doesn't understand the words 'let's tidy up'. That's a Mum only job. One can't have it all.