Link Love

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The wet is well and truly gone now, which means I have finally been able to wash my towels (let's not discuss how long it has been!). In an effort to be minimalist, we only have two sets of towels and a friend borrowed one for a shower after a mountain bike ride, leaving us without a spare set so when the big wet arrived at the time I should have wash towel we couldn't just switch sets. Anyway, all is right in the towel universe and I can dry myself with a non-smelly towel. Too much information?

Onto the link love then:
A beautiful home birth story on A Merry Mishap. My friend is about to have her second home birth baby and I hope it goes just as beautifully as this home birth did.

Aboriginal mothers still fear that their children will be taken away. Our government could do a lot more than just employing truancy officers if they were really keen to get children to school. As the author suggests, how about government funded transport, breakfast, uniforms?

Speaking of our government, I've been listening to Something Wonky, a lefty political podcast on my morning runs. If you are interested in hearing about what our government has been up to (especially since one of the ministers has cancelled press conferences!) then this podcast is great. Be warned, you will be severely depressed and angry after listening to it.

Welcome to the long weekend folks, enjoy!