Link Love & a Daycare Update

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Lulu's art from Daycare 
Lulu had a wonderful time at daycare this week. Each day she yelled out 'yay!' as we pulled up so I guess she was happy to be there?! Her thickened fluids routine has become the new normal & there wasn't any problems. My only worry is that when I picked her up yesterday she had a clear runny nose. It's continued today, but it may not be the fault of germ ridden kids, as she came off antibiotics on Tuesday and her little body just might not be ready to be off the antibiotics. I'm going to monitor it over the weekend & take her back to the hospital next week if it doesn't get better.

Catching my eye on the internets this week:

This nautical cami set in the latest Peter Alexander catalogue.

This article on Michelle Bridges expansion into the US with her 12 Week Body Transformation program. I have to admit the recipes and the mindset lessons are what really helped me. Rather than eating diet food, you eat real food & if you save the recipes you can make long after the program is finished. The mindset lessons help you to change your thinking about food and exercise. I think this is a great program and I know so many people who have done it and kept the weight off. Like anything though, you only get back what you put in.

The debate on whether iPads are good for youngsters. I have to say they're great for parents & I would not take a plane trip without one. The article also mentions that back in her Grandma's day, Grandma was told off for reading too much as they thought it would hurt her eyes! All change is just that, change.

Cute thank you notes on Oh So Pretty - I need to become better at putting pen to paper

Now onto the weekend, enjoy!