Frockin' up - Summer Shorts

 photo summer-shorts-1_zps4261df4c.jpg
My sister-in-law was wearing this awesome kimono jacket when she had coffee over ours just after Christmas and I automatically assumed that she'd bought it at some fabulous store in Melbourne, where she lives, until last week when I popped into Mixed Lollies and found the very same kimono jacket on the racks. I couldn't pass it up, I love it so much. It's lightweight enough to wear it in buildings where the aircon is up too high, but generally I will get a little more wear out of it once the weather cools. And I promise I won't pack it for a trip to Melbourne!

Kimono jacket - Somedays Lovin (according to their website, it's actually a cape dress!)
Top - H&M
Shorts - Minty Meets Munt
Shoes - Birkinstock
Ring - Black Jewls
Bracelet - Dinosaur Designs

And Lulu busted me taking a photo of myself so I asked her if she wanted her outfit photo taken too. She said yes, then proceeded to try on my sunglasses.

On Lulu
Top- Rock your Baby
Pants - Seed

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