Frockin' up - Colourful

 photo colourful-shorts_zps106ef060.jpg
this photo just may have a little too much colour going on
Last Friday was the fourth day in a row over 40C in Alice Springs. I'd put off washing my hair for a week as it was just too hot to straighten it and excuses like 'it'll get sweaty with exercise' or 'it'll get chlorine in it in the pool' made it too easy to avoid but by Friday the grease factor was too much. I gave in and washed it, but instead of straitening it I left it wavy (how it goes naturally) with a bit of Kevin Murphy Hair.Resort product in it and a tiny amount of blow drying with the defuser and I have to say I was a little chuffed at how it turned out.

I teamed the hair with some loose shorts and a baggy t-shirt, then Lulu & I went to a friend's for a play date. I also wore this outfit out to dinner at the local indian that night. Day to night - Bam!

Not pictured the small amout of poo leakage my t-shirt copped from Lulu later that afternoon. Oh, the glamour.

Shorts - Wild Heart
T-shirt - Sportsgirl
Bracelet (green) - Anti-Pastel (Christmas gift from a friend)
Bracelet (silver) - Dinosaur Designs (Christmas gift from my mother-in-law!)
Ring - Black Jewl
Shoes - Birkenstock