Exercise Stats - Week 3

 photo sand-run_zps8eba9d04.jpg
Steamy weather makes it seem like I rubbed vaseline over the lens
Sunday - Ab and Core Challenge. Nick's day to go for a long mountain bike ride & it was way too hot later to go for a run. I should have got out of bed at 6 & gone before he left at 7:30, but that wasn't happening on a Sunday.

Monday - Stress Slammer - Nike Training Club workout. I mixed the Ab and Core Challenge exercises into the

Tuesday - rest day

Wednesday - Interval Run 3.79km

Thursday - 15 mins Dynamic Yoga, Nike Training Club - It was turn to exercise in the early morning and as I did not get out of bed early enough, Lulu woke up when I was half way through the work out. So finishing 7 mins of a 15 min workout can barely be called a work out but that's life.

Friday - rest day - maybe I should be doing an intermediate program as I almost feel like there are too many rest days, however I think the rest days may stop me from burning out

Saturday - did not do the first strength exercise in week 2 of my Nike Training Club program, instead made cinnamon rolls for the first time since we were in Canada. Here's to a little sugar every now and then.