Exercise Stats - Week 2

 photo morning-run_zps33b26393.jpg
Spencer Hill on my Thursday morning run - I did not run up it, just admired from the ground!
Sunday - I did the exercises for day 5 of the Ab and Core Challenge.

Monday - Ab and Core Challenge exercises and this good morning yoga routine.

Tuesday - The Paula Radcliffe Marathon Prep workout and the Laura Enever Fierce workout from the Nike Training Club (each 15mins long) and the ab and core challenge, 270 calorie burn.

Wednesday - Ab and Core Challenge.

Thursday - Morning Run - 30 mins intervals of 3:30 running followed by 1 min power walk. Plus the Ab and Core Challenge. 240 calorie burn. I have to tell you the challenge is already starting to feel like a challenge and this is only day 9 (not to mention I started it at day 3!)

Friday - Nothing! Challenge fail.

Saturday - Ab and Core Challenge. I updated the Nike Training Club App on Friday and found that it now has exercise programs. You tell it what you want to achieve and it comes up with a 4 week exercise program to help you reach your goal. I chose the beginner get strong program, which I'll follow for the next 4 weeks. Today's workout was a 30 min muscle definer. I burned 200 calories and used 2kg hand weights.