Exercise Stats - Week 1

 photo workout_zps1dae2767.jpg
My workout location, the park across the road from our house.
I'm starting a weekly exercise stats post which will run for the year. A way to keep me exercising, to keep accountable and to have something to look back on at the end of the year. At the end of last year I downloaded the Nike Training Club app. It has different workouts for beginners, intermediate (I was stoked to find out that I qualify as an intermediate!) and advanced. You can then choose between lean, toned, strong and get focused workouts. Before you begin each workout you can view photos of the moves and once you start the workout there are videos of each move - very helpful for someone uncoordinated like me.

For my first workout this new year (on January 2nd of course, one can't be expected to get out of bed early on new years day) I chose the intermediate Get Lean. I added a 2 min run at the beginning & swapped two of the minute jump exercises (Am not so good at jumping) for minute sprints, but other than that all the exercises were good. I worked out to a level where I felt challenged and I managed a 290 calorie burn. A great result for a 40 minute workout (The Nike workout was 30 mins but I included sprints at the end too). I am in love with this app & think it is the kick I need to be motivated this year to work out the days in between the Mum & Bub exercised classes that I go to on Mondays and Fridays (Don't be fooled by the name, these classes result in at least 400 calorie burn each session!).

Yesterday I completed the Drill Sargent workout. It is a strength workout and was little repetitive. I used 2kg dumbbells and had a two minute warm-up run at the beginning. I ended up burning 240 calories.

I'm also doing this ab and squat challenge from Tribe Sports for January. Want to join me? I started on day 3 so I'm sure it's ok for you to start on Day 5. Have you done any of these workout challenges before? I have to admit, I always start & never complete them! I'll be sure to let you know how I fair with it.

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