Eat, Drink, Play - North Adelaide and Rundle Street

E is for Ethel
After the fist crazy week, we were able to break free from the hospital and explore North Adelaide and Rundle Street. The following is a list of our favourite places in no particular order:

1. Bliss Pizza - best pizza ever and it's BYO, what more could you want? The owner is Syrian and was face timing his girlfriend in Lebanon when Nick went to pick up pizza. It turned out that the girlfriend's village is right near Nick's family's village & they all know each other - small world!

2. Fresh Hair and Body - I didn't pack any shampoo so the lovely gal at Fresh hair kept my hair looking lovely with a wash & blow dry once a week during our stay.

Felici Espresso Bar

3. Felici Espresso Bar - the best modern Lebanese food. Great for breakfast.

4. Mediterranean Mezze - Lebanese food like your tata used to make.

5. Gin Long Canteen - excellent cocktails

6. The Archer - best parma in town. I have to have a parma when ever I'm in a big city for more than a weekend, it's just the Adelaide girl in me.
The Kentish
7. The Kentish - best place for a Sunday sesh & live music.

8. E is for Ethel - Best salted caramel tart & the babycinos have sprinkles on them.

9. Bauhaus - Coolest bunch of random gifts, jewellery and homewards.

10. The Glover Playground - best playground within a short walk of the Women's and Children's Hospital. Has equipment for all toddlers as well as bigger kids.

11. UR Cafe - We ate breakfast there most days. Awesome muesli with fruit.

Have you been to North Adelaide? Do you have a favourite place there? Let me know & I'll check it out next time we're there.

Ps 8 tips for staying at the Adelaide Women's and Children's hospital